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Requesting a new PAN card? Here’s what you need to know

Whether you’re requesting a new PAN card due to losing it, needing to update information, or for a new ID photo, you need to know about these points:

Although you’re most likely panicking while reading this, all is okay. Once you’ve read these points you’ll feel at ease, so relax.

Online application

Firstly, it’s much easier to apply online for a new PAN card. And if you’re one who thinks talking to a person would be easier, remind yourself of all the times you were put on hold while having to listen to that awful out-dated tune over and over again.

Now you’ve come to your senses, you can apply online at for a simple and convenient application. However, you will need your PAN number and if you don’t know it then you’ll require logging into the PAN verification system. Once you’ve put in your login details, your PAN number will be accessible in the file.

You will also need to fill out Form 49A: Application for Allotment of PAN.


The law on owning multiple PAN cards

It’s actually illegal in India to own more than one PAN card. Which means, if you apply for a replacement and later find your lost PAN card, you must cancel it.

To avoid a Rs 10,000 fine, submit your PAN card for cancellation by filling put the PAN correction form. It will have a ‘PANs inadvertently allotted’ section where you can request to cancel one of your PAN cards.

IMPORTANT: In section 139A of Income Tax Act, 1961, it states that one person can own only one PAN card. You can get fined if you fail to comply.


Payment of new PAN card

Of course, a new PAN card requires payment. It costs Rs 96 and you can pay this via check, demand draft, online or by credit or debit card. With this said, if your address is outside of India, you must pay Rs 962 and you can only pay via a demand draft.

Hopefully, applying for a new PAN card will go smoothly for you. Like and share this post if you found it useful.


4 life-changing hacks for work boots that won’t kill your feet

We’ve all been there; you’re three hours into your day and your feet are killing. Not just a little blister here or a vague ache there, your feet are about to die a horrible drawn-out death and it’s all down to your work boots.

So perhaps that’s a teeny exaggeration, but the point still stands – work boots equal painful feet. There’s no argument about it, which is why you need to test out these 4 life-changing hacks.

Life-changing hack

Every person that has to wear sturdy work boots will plead you to buy the best fitting boots out there, without skimping on the cash. As expensive as they may seem, trust all who are wise enough to advise you that cheap work boots are going to murder your poor feet.

Problem: How do you tell if you’re being ripped off?

Solution: Read the best work boots on the market and take their advice

Another life-changing hack

Our second hack is all about that breaking-in period where you feel as though the devil himself is prodding your heel with his burningly sharp pitch-fork! Granted he probably has more pressing matters to get on with – like torturing the souls of the evil – but that doesn’t change the fact breaking-in work boots is bloody painful.

Problem: New work boots HURT

Solution: Apply leather conditioner, stuff boots when not wearing, crush the hardest part of the heel to soften

P.S if you listened to life-changing hack 1 and didn’t skimp; your boots can ‘handle a little mangle’.

Yet another life-changing hack

You’ve bought the best work boots that fit well and you’ve broken them in. Congrats, you’re now on hack no. 3: Tying your boots up correctly.  Yes people, you really do need to re-learn the proper way of tying up laces.

Problem: You’re naïve enough to think you can tie your laces

Solution: Take notes on ‘how to secure your laces in a work boot

You get the point

In case you didn’t – this is another life-changing hack – shock.

Okay, the last hack for work boots that won’t kill your feet is simple, take care of them. It might sound like an effort that you’re too lazy to commit to, but it’ll save your feet a ton of pain in the future.

Problem: You’re lazy with cleaning your work boots

Solution: Clean your damn work boots! Don’t let them dry off in the cupboard or convince yourself that you’ll wipe the mud off in the morning, do it when you take them off.

Hopefully, you’re wise and listen to these life-changing hacks, as simple as they may sound. Your feet will worship you for it. Share this with all your workmates and make sure they take notes!

Or don’t, and let them suffer while your feet are walking on clouds…

What information will I need about myself to apply for a CRB?

A person who is going through a CRB check should have certain documents ready before applying for the process. These documents will help you to undergo the CRB check properly.

The applicant who is going through the CRB check must give their employers the original documents, which will help them to prove their identity. In order to go through the CRB check, the applicant must be able to show

  • Passport
  • Biometric residence permit
  • Current driving license with recent photograph
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate

If the Applicant does not have any of the above documents, then he must have

  • Current driving license that is valid
  • Marriage certificate
  • HM forces ID card
  • Firearms license
  • Birth certificate

As an individual you would be eligible for a basic CRB check that will show any kind of unspent criminal convictions. You would receive a certificate that you can keep for yourself. Standard and organization checks are available for organizations to apply on behalf of their employees.

Basically you need to have any of the following documents from the following groups

Group 1

  • Current valid passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)
  • Current driving license (UK), full or provisional. Photo card only for Isle of Man/Channel Islands licenses, which should be presented with the associated counterpart license (except Jersey)
  • Birth certificate (UK and Channel Islands), issued at the time of birth. The full and short forms are both acceptable, including those issued by UK authorities overseas, e.g. Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces (photocopies are not acceptable).

Group 2a

  • Current UK driving license (old style paper version)
  • Current non-UK photo driving license (valid for up to 12 months from the date you entered the UK)
  • Birth certificate (UK and Channel Islands) issued after the time of birth by the General Register Office/relevant authority (photocopies are not acceptable)
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • Adoption certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • HM Forces ID card (UK)
  • Firearms License (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2b

  • Mortgage statements
  • Bank building and society statements
  • Bank and account opening form statements
  • Financial statements
  • Council Tax statement
  • Work Permit/Visa
  • Letter of sponsorship
  • Utility bill
  • Benefit statement
  • Document from central/local government authority
  • EU National ID Card.

These documents are also important for applying for a CRB statement. Another thing that is required for a CRN check is that you need to have a mental health certificate that is issued by a government hospital that will show that you are absolutely in the positive state of mind before applying for a job. You need this information before you apply for a particular job like working with children, the vulnerable group, mentally disabled people and special group. Ensure that these documents are with you and you can show then while a CRB check and there is smooth flow of the process. How long is a CRB valid for?  CRB checks do not have to be renewed however most organizations apply their own rules and frequently want them renewed every three years.

Why investing into commercial property is such a good idea?

The real estate market is always in demand all over the world. Instead of its weaknesses and low profit, making this is one industry that is always in demand and this is one of the reasons why investing in the real estate market is still a desirable option among the people. Real estate plays a very vital role in terms of the investment aspect as well as the pride tied to the ownership of the realty business.

The residential and the commercial real estate sectors are different

You also need to understand the fact that real estate investment doesn’t always fetch you with good returns and all real estate agents are not successful. There have been several situations and events when good investment deals in real estate sector have turned out to be unsuccessful for the investors. The residential and the commercial property markets respond differently to the conditions and situations.

Residential property is preferred

The residential property market is always the preferred business among the real estate brokers. It has also been studied that the investors seem to have better knowledge and understanding about the residential properties when compared with the commercial ones. The demand for housing in the majority of the urban cities around the globe is very high. Thus, there is a surety of income inflow even from renting.

Rise of the commercial real estate market

According to the studies and the research work it has been reported that the yield of rental housing is quite high and thus residential realty market will always be on the upsurge. But from the current market conditions, it is seen that the commercial property market across the world is improving and there are more investors who are interested in such spaces as well. Do you have any interest in commercial property investment?

Are you planning for a small scale commercial real estate investment?

If you are looking out for a commercial real estate investment on a small scale, you should definitely consider on small office spaces, shops in a neighborhood or a housing complex. Based on the amount of initial cost-up, returns, the related risks and the exit options along with other criteria, steps must be taken to open up the small business.

Why shops are the most common preference?

If you are a new comer in the field and still doesn’t have the experience, you must begin the journey with the shops in your neighborhood market, a housing complex or a popular shopping mall. According to the statistics the returns can be as high as 9 to 10% every year and even up to 13% if your shop is in the prime locality.

Property broker apps seem to be a very popular tool used by those involved in the industry in order to get detailed information about the property market and the on-going conditions. You can make use of such property apps as well and keep a track of the commercial real estate market and make the right investment.

4 things to consider when making your new website

A new website is one of the best ways to promote yourself. It helps you to create your own brand identity and also helps clients to interact far easier. A new website also helps you to rank on top of SEO. So how can you make a great website?

Always Define your purpose

Your design, as well as your website content, should have matter and content that is driven by a purpose. It should carry an objective that should help target audiences to understand their requirements. At the same time, the website should try and identify customer goals.

The website should be mobile friendly

The website should be really mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly so that more and more clients visit. Imbibe a number of features in the website and make it colorful and interactive as well.

Be creative

The first thing to building a good website is being artistic and creative. You should make the use of the best colors, the best themes and something that people can associate themselves with. Try something out of the box so that people love it. Investing into some marketing would also project your website expedentually, why not take a look at Yakety Yak who are specialists at just this.

Be flexible

Always be flexible. Welcome user feedbacks or fresh articles and also encourage new conversations. Successful website designing is an ongoing process which can be attained by Dot Centric.

So are you ready to build your own website? Try out the above tips for building a successful website and you can be sure that your website would be among the top ranks.

Best 5 Portable Air Conditioners for Offices

Before we start, we ought to point out that we know that most of the modern offices already have some kind of a air conditioning system installed; however, if you have an office that doesn’t have one, the portable air conditioner is a great choice. However, choosing the best portable AC for an office is a bit different to choosing a cooling unit for your home. This mostly has to do with the fact that in the offices, you don’t have kitchens that create additional heat, but on the other hand, you do have to worry about the electronics and computers that create some heat. At home, you probably have two computers, while at work (depending on the size of the office, or the office space), there could be up to 10, or even 30 computers! Also, the size of the office plays a big role here, because there is a good chance that you’d have to buy more than one cooling unit, and this mostly has to do with the fact that the ceilings in offices are much higher than in homes.

So, if you don’t have a rather small office, you ought to buy a portable air conditioner unit that works for medium or large rooms; this means that you should buy something that runs at 12,000 BTUs at least. We’ve tested some portable AC units that meet these demands, and here are the best 5 ones.

1 – Danby Premiere DPAC12010H; 12,000 BTU Dual Hose with Heater

This is a 4-in-1 eco unit that is great at cooling down both medium and the large sized room. It possesses the evaporative “Direct Drain” technology that allows you to just sit back and enjoy, without having to worry that much about drainage and emptying the unit.

2 – Whynter ARC-14SH; 14,000 BTU Dual Hose with Heater

You can frequently hear people saying that this is perhaps one of the best portable air conditioners out there. It has been tested and proven to be one of the most eco-friendly ACs out there, one of the fastest cooling units, and the one that maintains your desired temperature the best. It is a unit that offers 4 different functions.

3 – Honeywell MN12CES; 12,000 BTU Single Hose with Dehumidifier

Even though this is a single hose unit, it has become really popular rather quickly. It is a unit that offer 3 different functions (air conditioner, dehumidifier and a fan), and that has a bucket less auto evaporative system which is known for being really quiet.

4 – Whynter ARC-12S Eco-Friendly; 12,000 BTU

Just like the unit mentioned above, this one is also a 3-in-1 unit that is great at cooling down rooms. Whynter doesn’t make many single hose units, and this one is one of the best ones they have, regardless of the hose-system they use.

5 – Haier CPN11XCJ; 11,000 BTU with Dehumidifier

This one may be the last on our list, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not great. It may be a single hose unit with 3 functions, but it is great when it comes to cooling down the medium and large rooms. What’s amazing about it is the fact that it offers great quality for a really low price.

Conference Training and what you need to know

Want to know some great statistics on conference training and how it can benefit your company? this infographic will take you through all of the best facts on conference training. This infographic has been provided from Forum Business Training, please see the infographic for some cool facts.

Important Fact – It’s a requirement that any firms carrying out regulated financial activities must undergo Anti-money laundering training. This is just one service that FinTech Compliance offers.

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Party

A corporate party is a chance for coworkers to relax, have fun, and celebrate all of the achievements that their company has accomplished. It’s also a great opportunity to build team morale and camaraderie. So for this occasion, it’s imperative that everyone attending has a good time.

Great parties are planned in advance. The first thing to do would be to secure a venue. Reservations should be made weeks in advance. This gives the party organizers time to set up arrangements for entertainment and catering that fit the company’s budget. Naturally, during the holiday season, venues tend to get snapped up fast so for those companies who are not having a holiday-themed corporate party, the best time to hold their event would be after the year’s end, or after the hullabaloo of the holidays has calmed down. The first quarter of the year is when business tends to slow down. This is also when some companies from the entertainment industry offer discounts to boost their businesses.

If guests and clients will be attending the corporate party, a formal invitation should be sent out. Not everyone feels comfortable with an evite. Some still prefer to receive a proper, paper invitation. Details that should be included in the invitations are: the address of the venue, date and time of the event, the scheduled program, and lineup of entertainment. If there’s a dress code for the party, it should also be noted in the invite.

Party organisers also would have to decide if they want to have a themed party such as 80s night and the like. Employees can help come up with ideas for a theme, and they can put it into motion with a vote. Themed parties, however, can be a little tricky since not everyone might want to dress up.

When it comes to choosing the entertainment, the party organisers have to consider the sensibility of the attendants. It also has to be suitable to the venue. Some of the favorite options include: corporate magicians, musical acts, and DJs. The entertainment sets the mood of the party, so selecting the right one is vital to the success of the event.

Having a photo booth is a real trend for the past couple of years, hiring a photo booth is easy and affordable from a local company, similar to OMG! who are based in the South East near London. You can contact them direct on the link!

Check it out below!

To cap off the evening, handing out giveaways will be the perfect move. Gift bags are a thoughtful way of sharing some goodwill and thanking everyone for all the hard work that they’ve put into the company.

Planning a corporate party can be challenging, but with careful organizing and a little bit of patience, this task can be fun and rewarding for everyone involved.


Improving Security in Your Business Premises

According to studies, burglary is the most common crime inflicted on businesses throughout the country. In fact, businesses experience more cases of burglary than domestic and residential properties. Thus, business owners must take steps to bolster the security of their premises to minimize the risk. Burglary cases, as well as incidents of related crimes, can have serious repercussions on the day to day operations of the business.

Why Commercial Establishments Are Attractive to Thieves

Burglars prefer to ransack business premises over residential buildings for several reasons. First, the value of assets to be stolen is potentially much higher. Offices in Liverpool Street in general use more expensive computers and software, and usually have high-value electrical/electronic items on-site such as digital cameras, laptops, printers, and other costly devices. Likewise, offices are typically unoccupied at night, on weekends, and during the holidays. On long holidays, some offices are left vacant for a week, putting them at higher risk for break-ins. Chelmsford Locksmiths, Pick and Fix time after time after time see these errors being made, although obvious!

Assessing Potential Access Points

While burglars usually gain entry via windows or doors, they can enter take advantage of skylights and flat roofs, as well as access hatches and adjoining cellars. They can even pass through single skin brick or metal foil walls. Thus, when assessing your security needs, all of these potential entry points must be taken into consideration.

After risk-assessment, and the specific areas that need high security levels are identified, the appropriate measures including security locks and doors must be installed and implemented.

External Windows and Doors for Added Security

There are various external windows and doors appropriate for a wide range of security needs including:

  • High speed doors
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Anti-ram barriers
  • Steel-hinged doors
  • Security grills

Shutters and sliding grills can help protect doors, emergency exits, and windows in most business premises. If the office is occupied, the grills can simply be folded to one side of the window or door.

Service Providers

Companies specializing in doors and shutters usually offer free quotes, site surveys, and advice to make sure that all your security needs are addressed with cost-effective and appropriate solutions. Sometimes, a contract for a fixed-cost maintenance option is offered. This is to make sure that your site security is always functioning at optimum levels, and repairs, if necessary, are done efficiently and promptly.


Securing your windows and doors, coupled with other important security devices like CCTV, alarm systems, and illumination are vital in reducing the risk of theft to your premises. In addition, getting the services of companies that specialize in security doors, shutters and other equipment can ensure proper installation without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect of your property.



A Basic Guide to Traditional IRA

The individual retirement account is a individual, tax deferred account for individuals who are working, and their partners.

You can open an IRA at nearly any bank, insurance business, or common fund. There is a broad selection of investment decision to select from, and your income is untaxed in anticipation they are compensated out of the account.

Understanding an IRA

IRA is also known as an Individual Retirement Account. Think of it as your standard savings account. The main dissimilarity is that it’s mainly proposed for your retirement. It is relevant to only those who are by now working; the sum you invest in IRA might be tax free. If you put in £1,000 per year in an IRA, you acquire £1,000 deducted from your yearly taxable revenue.

You can invest this amount in any form of investment, and you can’t take money out of it. Your IRA account can bear several and every sort of investment in it. This is known as your retirement portfolio. You choose where to maintain your funds contained by this portfolio.

A few aspects that you must bear in mind now, prior to investing in Gold Ira, also check a gold ira reviews.

Fundamental Pillars of an IRA

  1. Easy to open.You can start an IRA account from your house using an IRA provider’s site or you can actually make an appointment to start an account
  2. There is a restriction on contributions.As per present policy, you cannot invest in excess of £5,000 per annum till you are 50 years old.
  3. Tax is deferred, not relinquished. given that you do not have to compensate taxes on the IRA contribution, and seeing as the fund is put aside for retirement, you have to pay back the taxes you accumulated when you take out from your IRA prior to your retirement age – which is 59 ½.
  4. There’s a consequence for a premature withdrawal. To dishearten you from consuming your IRA account before you are older, there is a 10% premature extraction penalty.
  5. Only some withdrawals are excused from penalty. If you extract from your IRA prior to reaching retirement age for the reason of your house buying or student tutoring, the extraction is free from any penalties. Though you still have to disburse normal income tax on the funds you extract from your IRA.
  6. An IRA has to be opened by means of a curator.IRA curators are in fact qualified establishments that operate as a guardian of your wealth. They guarantee you don’t extract funds from your IRA account without the payment of taxes and fines. They also offer you a variety of alternatives to invest your funds. In retrospect they charge you fees.

How Can you open IRA account

  1. Choose the adviser that presents the highest investment decisions.
  2. Select a broker that charges fewer fees.
  3. Select the broker that provides you every aspect concerning your investments and revises the value each day.
  4. Choose the broker that offer online account supervision.
  5. It is best to select the broker that by now has a big client base. With range comes precautions and improved practices.

How Businesses Can Profit from Having Videos on Their Websites

Today, the use of the internet has become such an important aspect of many people’s lives. Its usefulness can be felt in various fields such as entertainment, education, and commerce. More than ever, individuals now are using the internet as a means to generate income. New entrepreneurs set up their own business websites to advertise services and merchandise they wish to sell. Sometimes they hire companies to sort out the digital designing, like at Outre Creative for instance.

A practice that is currently becoming more popular is the integration of custom videos on a site. The inclusion of video clips on a website creates a more interactive experience for site visitors. This also makes the site more dynamic and engaging for potential customers.

Business owners who appear in front of the camera can make an impression on the site visitors by being personable and warm. It’s an effective way to build rapport with potential customers. They also lend credibility to their business by revealing their true identity on a video, and not hiding behind a cloud of anonymity. This provides reassurance to the customers that they are dealing with a legitimate enterprise.

A video presentation is a very powerful way to deliver a message and can be used for many things. Complicated ideas can be explained by breaking them down into ‘how to video’ clips that offer a step by step demonstration on how to use a product, or sign-up for a service. Presentations that require graphs and the use of Venn diagrams can also be shown using a video reel that has been edited by a professional. The company’s history as well as its statement of intent can be effectively conveyed in a matter of minutes by using an introduction video. This is an effective way to build trust and introduce a brand.

Some people have a very short attention span, and lose interest on a topic if they have to read pages of information. These are potential customers that are being lost. This is why many entrepreneurs are investing in a professional video editor to help make their videos. However, those who are just starting out, and are more into Do It Yourself Projects, can simply record their own videos for their websites. There are many affordable, and even free software they can download from the internet to help them edit their footage in a creative way.

Another reason that videos have become immensely popular on many sites is because sites that include videos rank higher on a search engine; especially if strategic keywords and tags are used for the title and descriptions of the videos. More visibility for a website leads to more site traffic and potential business earnings.

Turning site visitors into customers can be a challenge. A lot of people who have never done business online might find this process confusing. The use of videos can help potential customers feel welcome and less intimidated by guiding them on how to navigate the site.

Videos are an effective tool that can be used to provide good customer service says Paul Hubbard Videographer. This can help online businesses build a clientele, and increase their chance of making better profits.




6 Ways NLP Training Can Help Your Business Succeed

NLP Training aims to help you build rapport, improve your communication skills, and set your mind towards one goal, thereby avoiding any mental distractions and indecisions. This is important not only for a business owner but also for that owner’s entire team to steer their sails towards the right direction. What is NLP exactly?

Originally, NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a form of psychotherapy begun in the 1970s that has grown into an industrial practice across industries, especially those that need direct interaction with customers and clients, such as sales and business development. NLP is best understood by explaining its three parts.

The term “neuro” refers to how a person’s mind is reflected by his body. It signifies harmony in mindset and action to realize his goals. “Linguistic” refers to a person’s thoughts and insights channeled through intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. The power of words is optimized to influence and be influenced. “Programming” refers to the behavioral patterns you want to see through linguistic approaches your mind receives and your body enacts. Essentially, NLP serves as a user manual to hack your brain and use it to achieve your goals, whether it needs influencing yourself or other people. This makes NLP training an essential part of any business.

Here are six ways how NLP training can help your business succeed.

  1. It develops people skills

It helps build professional and personal relationships. Business always starts with an informal relationship among bosses, employees, customers, clients, partners, and prospects. Knowing your way through other people’s minds to influence their behavior will ensure nothing but success and loyal people around you.

  1. It improves presentation and public speaking skills

Securing the approval of big clients and investors is a daunting task. However, since NLP training involves self-management techniques and organization skills under pressure, you will be able to control your behavior through intrapersonal communication (or what people call “psyching up”) while influencing other people to accept and adopt your mindset using language patterns.

  1. It improves mind-body coordination

Not every idea becomes a reality, and not every thought becomes an action. The body does not always follow what the mind says because the connection is weak. Some people call it indecision and weak resolution, but it can definitely be improved by opening the channels through language patterns that encourage self-esteem and self-belief. You can change your behavior by channeling your inner thoughts effectively. Imagine the great ideas that you can turn into reality.

  1. It helps you understand how your customer thinks

Many spoken words are misleading. That is because words do not always match thoughts, while those that clearly reflect thoughts are not responded to properly using the right behavior. Because NLP training helps you understand how language, behavior, and mindset go in synch with one another. You will learn how to respond properly when faced with a difficult and a fickle-minded customer.

  1. It lets you master the art of negotiation

Negotiating is a matter of choosing the right words that compliment and complement another person based on the little nuances, such as gestures, facial expressions, tones, speaking behaviors, and spoken words. NLP training helps you become more sensitive, appreciative, and receptive of another person’s thoughts. Thus, you will be able give the most convincing responses according to another person’s emotions and state of mind.

  1. It helps you realign your goals

Your brain is home to thousands of transient thoughts and ideas you never knew you had. It is hard to pick up what goal exactly you should follow if a lot of things bother your mind. Unfortunately, a business cannot survive if the person managing it does not know how to set his goals and set his direction towards that goal. NLP training will help you establish your goal, follow it, and believe in your own abilities.

Always seek a reputable company to carry out NLP training, similiar to Toby & Kate who are based in London.

What is a Portfolio Management Software?


Portfolio management software programs are now one of the tools used by individual entrepreneurs and investors. A businessman’s personal portfolio accumulates and encompasses several accounts which could include brokerage accounts, savings accounts, and IRAs. As keeping track of all of these accounts will be a frustrating task that eats up time and effort, the creation of this software is a dream come true for these businessmen.

While the portfolio management software is seldom free, matching personal needs would be a more important issue than using free portfolio trackers online. Aside from the cost, the next thing to hurdle would be to learn to use the software program. It may take time to figure it out, but once managed, will become user-friendly and could handle all business and personal needs which, in the long run, would compensate for the monetary cost and time spent.

The software program has a wide array of options that can be selected. This can help distinguish several assets, which is very important since industry reports can now be correctly generated. The program can also handle standard transactions such as cash dividends, selling, and buying. It can also be programmed to handle data points, such as return of capital and short sales. It is the perfect system to work alongside your Cezanne HR software. These two systems are very beneficial to your business.

Tracking the performance together with tax liability issues can be handled by the software wherein various programs will allow specific security “lots” for a transaction. A “lot” represents the number of units that are involved in a given trade. Reinvestment of dividends earned on stocks and mutual funds may take a long time to track, but the software will make short work of it. It will automatically match buy and sell lots for different accounts that would also help in tax exposure reduction.

Generating reports is another feature of the software. This will help in analyzing the investments in the portfolio. All that is needed is to program the software not only to give reports that may interest the user, but also ones that are not currently used in the analysis. These extra reports could provide further enhancement to the portfolio’s overall evaluation.

Projected cash flow reports can be generated from the software, too. This will give a forecast of the cash income of the portfolio that comes from interest, bond maturities, and dividends. This will be particularly useful for businessmen in retirement that rely more on income-related investments. It can also assist in redeploying capital from bond maturity that is about to reach the due date.

The Importance of Business Funding and its Sourcing

Setting up a business without enough money, savings or funding can be a disaster waiting to happen. Many individuals and business owners who develop a business concept without the correct funding or back up of cash flow for when things go wrong will often find keeping their business and their head above water, incredibly difficult. Money unarguably moves your business forward by providing necessary and essential fuel for growth and development. The revenue that your business makes will obviously provide some of the funds necessary to keep your business afloat, but you should never rely on revenue alone. This is why outside or third party funding funding comes in handy.

Payroll Finance and Funds

It’s important for any business to pay their employees on time each month, or week. The date in which an employee is paid should be stuck too, to ensure that they do not become gruntled or unhappy. However, revenue and customers do not always pay companies at the right time or when they should, which means one month you may be out of pocket. Additional funding acts as backup and will always allow you to pay your staff on time and provides a shortfall created by any timeline gap between sales transactions, paying employees and invoice payments.

Inventory Finance and Funds

Once you have launched your company, it’s important to keep an eye on your inventory and keep it maintained in order to have enough products to sell when in demand. If your company produced and manufactures its own products you need to ensure that your business has enough funding to produce your inventory or enough funding to buy inventory from a manufacturer.

Startup Funding

Before launching your business development concept you don’t necessary need funding right away, but when it’s time to physical build the business, funding becomes a crucial aspect. Startup funding can be incredibly useful, especially for paying for things such as hiring employees, marketing, equipment, insurance, licences and facilities.

How can I raise these necessary funds for my business?

There are many different methods which entrepreneurs and business owners can use to kickstart the fundraising process. Here are just a few simple ideas which you may wish to consider:


Crowdfunding can be a great way to achieve the necessary funds you need to get your business started or to cover the costs of particular aspects of your business. With so many crowdfunding sites available today it means you can go right ahead and kickstart your crowdfunding project in no time at all. Popular crowdfunding websites such as Fundable and Indiegogo are great platforms to fund small and large business respectively and quickly.

Friends and Family

If you do not wish to reach for your credit card just yet due to the lack of savings to help inject funds into your growing business, you may wish to consider inviting friends and family to invest in your business idea. It’s incredibly important that you make individuals aware that their money may not be returned (in the event something goes wrong). But in most cases family and friends will want to help and invest in you, not particularly your business. If everything is successful you, it’s always nice to reward those who helped you in the beginning when you needed it most.

FCA Compliance — Is Authorisation A Required Step for your business?


Before a firm or individual can conduct certain financial activities in the United Kingdom, they must first be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is detailed under Section 19 of the Financial Services & Market Acts 2000 (FSMA), which states that any firm or individual who carries out regulated activities are required to have FCA authorisation unless they are exempt from getting authorised (to be discussed later). Failure to comply with this necessary step is considered a criminal offence and the owner may be charged with fines or be indicted with a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

FCA authorisation is an important step as it helps the UK government in monitoring regulated financial activities (e.g. issuing e-money, advising on investments, accepting deposits, etc.) as well as help in tracking and cracking down businesses doing illegal and shady financial activities such as money laundering. Compliance with the FCA will allow you to conduct your business in the UK without worries.

Certain firms and individuals can be exempt from getting FCA compliance. Examples of firms that are exempted are financial firms (i.e. comprised of accountants, solicitors, etc.) and insurance and/or mortgage firms. Consumer credit firms, however, are not exempt but they have a different method of acquiring FCA compliance, which is detailed in the FCA’s official website and the Perimeter Guidance Manual (PERG). There are other exclusions as well, which does not require FCA authorisation, which include introducer exclusion and overseas persons exclusion.

Should you have queries with regards to FCA compliance and authorisation, always seek out a compliance firm for professional advice.

Why Outsourcing Payroll & HR Is Important to a Small Business

payroll image

Many small businesses face diverse challenges. They must deal not only with fluctuating business cycles but also with important personnel matters. Constant vigilance and planning are necessary to ensure that internal systems are in place, while monitoring day-to-day business operations. It’s also important to note that sufficient capital is necessary for the business to take off and expand. Hence, prudent use of funds is imperative.

Outsourcing certain functions in the organisation – like HR, payroll and Robotic Process Automation — has emerged as a sensible move for most small enterprises. When making outsourcing decisions, company heads usually weigh the added costs that may be incurred vis-à-vis the long-term cost savings that may be obtained. Business owners and managers must also do a careful investigation of the other party before finalising an outsourcing deal. Important things like track record of experience and work quality must be checked.

Among the main benefits of outsourcing Human Resources with companies such as Cezanne HR (specifically recruitment, training, performance appraisals) and Payroll is that it frees up much time on the part of the business owner and existing employees. That time can be spent running and growing the business. Instead of attending to personnel matters and HR concerns (and lots of routine tasks, including paperwork), managers/business owners may also concentrate on finding novel ways to reach out to customers in innovative ways.

It’s very important for small business owners to allot ample time for planning and maintaining competitive edge. It’s common to find many small businesses all over the world floundering and being squashed by the competition. By outsourcing functions like Human Resources, Payroll, and even Marketing, small business operators will be able to devote more time for crucial matters like tracking the firm’s progress and exploring avenues for growth.

By outsourcing, they will also be utilising the specialised skills of the other party that will assume the HR and Payroll functions. By partnering with a reputable firm with cutting-edge business solutions, small business owners will benefit from the HR expertise (including modern software tools) and hands-on payroll administration of that organisation.


There can be huge cost savings since the small enterprise need not hire and train full-time professionals. Hiring salaried HR/payroll professionals will entail other costs like health care, apart from the training cost. By outsourcing, a small enterprise eliminates these costs, along with overhead and equipment costs. The other clear upside is greater efficiency and productivity on the part of existing managers and employees.

Alongside outsourcing is the rising trend of skill-based pay organisations. A skill-based pay structure enables workers to hone whatever existing skills they have, with an eye towards being able to address future requirements. While employees and managers are busy honing skills or using skill-based pay structure, they are in effect learning and bracing the organisation for future growth. Once everything’s in place, companies can either proceed to invest on in-house teams, farm out work to multi-skilled employees, or outsource.

UK’s biggest outsourcing payroll company, supply their payroll services to companies with a minimum of 100 employees. They’re vetted and trusted to take care of your payroll –


The Definitive Checklist for a Start-up Businesses


Have you decided to become your own boss? If so, join hundreds and thousands of others who have made the same decision — but first, how and where do you begin? There is a lot to consider and do, and this checklist is here to help you out.

  1. Researching about the business
  • Assess your financial status: Can you afford the business or do you need to find another source of money to accomplish it?
  • Do significant research regarding your competitors.
  • Come up with three or more USPs (unique selling points) — and if you fail to, it’s probably best to come up with an entirely new business idea altogether.
  • Read up on distributors and suppliers from online forums. Make phone calls to actual suppliers and ask questions. If possible, interview other businesses in the same field about your concerns.
  • Learn more about how much consumers are willing to pay for the product in mind.
  • As a sort of practice task, try selling a few units of your product on online platforms, such as eBay, just to see what response you’re going to get.
  • Finalise your business setting: Will you be home-based or do you need more commercial or industrial venues? If so, do some research on commercial property pricing in your area, or wherever you decide to set up shop — include this in your budgetary considerations.
  1. Financing the business
  • Find an accountant and ask for preliminary advice.
  • Consult with a bank manager, if possible, regarding your tentative business plan. Ask about business loans, should you need one. Let him know that you’re still in the research phase of your start-up business.
  • If more funding is necessary, feel free to look into small business grants which your start-up might be eligible for.
  • If needed, make changes to your business plan, especially the financial aspect.
  1. Seeking business partners and employees
  • The next thing is to look at your own set of skills and abilities, so you can decide which areas you’re going to need help with. You can bring in a partner for the business if you want to. If you prefer to go solo, at least talk to experienced people in the field for advice.
  • It is possible to require some outsourcing, which is a great idea for start-ups. Unless you’re 100% set with the business plan and details, hold off on the hiring to keep your costs low as much — and for as long — as possible.
  • If you can, join networking groups to meet people, achieve better exposure, and get experience and a general feel of the industry.
  1. Finalising the business name and domain
  • Before finalising your business’ name, perform some research on branding. Some names may render better perception on consumers than others.
  • Check — and double check — that no other existing enterprise or franchise has already used the name you have picked. This applies for your website’s domain, as well. If all is clear, go ahead and buy the domain as soon as you can.
  1. Setting up your physical and online shops
  • Once all plans are a go, set up your physical shop (at home or at a commercial venue). Negotiate the contract and lease.
  • Make sure you have a separate bank account for your business.
  • Work out the nooks and crannies of your IT department — staff, equipment, and software. Decide if you’re better off renting than buying materials.
  • Set up your website. If you aren’t skilled at web design and development, hire the services of a professional. Make sure the website is optimised (SEO) for various online marketing criteria.
  • Once everything is running, maintain a good list of suppliers and distributors — include backups just in case. It’s smart to test out new suppliers with smaller batches of products before going full blast to see if everything goes smoothly.
  1. Running your own business
  • You have finally set up shop — get ready to market, sell, earn, and be your own boss!

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Your Brand Colours On Your Corporate Uniforms


Image source – Logos 4 Polos.

Every business, either big or small, should consider providing and requiring their employees to wear corporate uniforms. You have to understand that your company is not all about your products or services. Your staff is a big part of it as well. Hence, how you and your employees present yourselves to your customers is a big factor on your success. You can make your presentation more effective by wearing corporate uniforms that carry your brand’s colours. Here are the top 5 benefits you can get from it.

It Boosts Morale

When employees see themselves wearing the same clothes with the brand’s colours incorporated in the design, it gives them a sense of belonging and lifts their pride for the company they work for. That normally results in a boost in morale, which is known to improve productivity.

It Makes You Easily Identifiable For Clients

In case you meet a client outside of the office, your client will be able to identify you instantly just by looking at your uniform. Just as people can immediately recognize policemen by their uniforms, your brand colours will also remind them right away which company you represent.

It Is A Professional Way To Meet Clients

Your clients, current and potential, will be more at ease if you interact with them in your presentable uniforms with your brand colours. It immediately encourages a sense of trust because they are assured that they are meeting with an authorised representative of the company.

It Improves Brand Recognition

Most companies are recognised by their customers by their brand colours. Every time they see those colours or logos in print ads or commercials, they are unconsciously being reminded of the association of the colours with the company and that strengthens brand recognition. You can boost that further by using your clothing as a medium.

It Is An Effective Marketing Strategy

Advertising your brand can be very costly and this is one of the major problems of small businesses. If you are looking for a cheaper option, then try using your corporate uniforms as a marketing strategy. With your brand colours used in the design, you are, in a way, promoting your business every time you and your employees are out and about, even after office hours. During their commute home or their break times, they carry your brand’s identification around and that makes the people around them aware of your company.

Colours are very effective in conveying a message and they can influence how customers react to your brand. Therefore, give your brand colours careful thought and use them not just in your billboards or packaging materials, but also in your corporate uniforms to maximize their positive effects.


Reap the Benefits of a Clean and Organised Office

Creating and maintaining a clean and healthy office environment has many payoffs. It is conducive to good health and positive well-being. An organised office also saves people time and allows them to focus or get on with the important tasks of the day.

Dirty floors, dilapidated chairs, scratched walls, piles of paper and rundown cabinets are visually unappealing. All these things may even contribute to stress and heighten fatigue. On top of these, they may drive away customers.

If you keep the supplies, equipment and furniture in your office organised, clean and in good working condition, you attract more clients and reinforce your brand.

Keep Office Supplies Organised

Having clean and orderly work surroundings can send across a positive message of being `in control.’ Minimize clutter by using storage solutions – for reams of paper, paper clips, pens, and so on. Designate specific areas for office supplies. Out of sight should not mean out of reach, though. Keep departmental supplies in locations where the staff members can easily find them.

Sort, Discard and Clean

It may seem tedious to clean out every nook and cranny of your office. You can accomplish much by attacking your own desk surface and drawers first, then moving to other areas.

Clean cabinets and other storage areas frequently. Managers can set a definite time (even an hour) each day to clean up work areas.

Bring out folders and label them for easy retrieval of documents. Using the principles of 5S (removing unnecessary items, arranging them in a manner in which one can easily find them, cleaning, maintaining orderliness, and standardizing best practices) can lead to greater efficiency.

Make your Office Look Better

If you run your own business or operate a home office, then you have to focus on regularly cleaning areas including windows, floors, walls, ceiling, doors, hallways, entryway or waiting area. You can enlist professional cleaners to help you get the cleaning done, but you can do your part to maintain the cleanliness of your office.

Take a look also at items or furniture pieces that need fixing, repainting or replacement.

Maintain a Garden

Bringing the outdoors in can enhance the look and feel of your office. Some indoor plants add color and interest while also filtering the air. Nice plants, or even small twigs neatly arranged in a vase (for a minimalist touch) may add beauty and also inspire employees. They can also be a welcome sight for customers. Just make sure to hire someone who can help maintain them, and keep the `office garden’ free of overgrowth or weeds. Kings Cuts Tree Surgeons manage office gardens daily and take pride in their work.


Retain The Best Talents in Your Organisation

Attracting and keeping the best people in the company remain to be one of the many challenges facing employers today. HR professionals and ranking executives may readily acknowledge that human resources are a vital cog in the organisation. Skilled manpower sustains operations and drive business growth. Employees, in turn, have needs that employers should not overlook.

To retain all the good people and propel the organisation to greater heights, companies nowadays must have in place talent management strategies. Creating an engaging and people-oriented internal environment where key talents can thrive can considerably boost productivity.

Here are a few tips that can guide modern-day organisations to retain their best talents.

  1. Empower and challenge employees to realize their full potential.

Organisation heads and managers normally conduct training sessions that can hone their staff’s skills or uncover strengths. Designing learning and developing in-house training programs can also motivate and spur employees to render their best performance. When career goals of people are aligned with the organisational mission-vision and overall direction, the outcome will most likely be a satisfied workforce and loyalty toward the company.

Skills must also keep pace with changing industry requirements and customer demands. Hence, the skill gaps of personnel — or lack of proficiency in meeting certain job requirements — must be spotted and addressed. Skills analysis and training are crucial in driving company performance.

  1. Let HR take a proactive role.

These days, the role of HR practitioners is no longer limited to screening candidates for positions and handling administrative routine tasks. Forward-looking firms and entities fully realize the merits of having HR play a more dynamic, strategic part in their overall scheme.

The HR head can delegate tasks to staff, and concentrate on assessing the overall personnel strategy. Adopting a holistic approach in managing people, uncovering their strengths and skills, engaging employees, facilitating avenues for growth, and creating a mutually beneficial employer-employee relationship can contribute to the company bottom line.

  1. Show why your company is a great workplace.


Managing the talent pool begins the moment HR gets people on board and cascades goals and objectives to them. Beyond offering perks, employers need to instill in their employees pride in the company. This can be done by showing that the company cares about the welfare and well-being of its people, and can support their professional and creative endeavors. Enticing top talents can be done by showing that there are many opportunities to learn and grow as part of the organisation.

As employees learn the values upheld by the organisation, it can lead to deep respect for the company.

  1. Value people; share talent.

Most employees want challenging and meaningful work, or greater opportunities to utilize their skills. Employers — through HR practitioners — may continually assess employees’ performance and undertake steps that may set and improve career paths within the organisation. This is where talent management solutions may enter.

A systematic approach in rewarding and promoting top performers, sharing talent, and giving due recognition to employees is vital. By providing career progression, employers may greatly diminish the loss of top talent.

  1. Involve and provide learning stimuli.

Involving key staff in strategic aspects of the business is one way of showing that they are valued and are recognized for their efforts and abilities. An appraisal process that includes a personal development plan, promotion or advancement opportunities in other parts of the business, and regular feedback mechanisms — not to mention organisational learning opportunities — provide impetus for the best talents to stay.

  1. Put a talent manager with a keen eye and savvy people skills in place.

A good talent manager, with the support of key executives who value the human side of enterprises, can set the stage for organisational success. Developing people’s skills, identifying personnel who can be future leaders, investing in their training and development, and sharing talent around the organisation are things that intuitive talent managers must be equipped to do.

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