We’ve all been there; you’re three hours into your day and your feet are killing. Not just a little blister here or a vague ache there, your feet are about to die a horrible drawn-out death and it’s all down to your work boots.

So perhaps that’s a teeny exaggeration, but the point still stands – work boots equal painful feet. There’s no argument about it, which is why you need to test out these 4 life-changing hacks.

Life-changing hack

Every person that has to wear sturdy work boots will plead you to buy the best fitting boots out there, without skimping on the cash. As expensive as they may seem, trust all who are wise enough to advise you that cheap work boots are going to murder your poor feet.

Problem: How do you tell if you’re being ripped off?

Solution: Read the best work boots on the market and take their advice

Another life-changing hack

Our second hack is all about that breaking-in period where you feel as though the devil himself is prodding your heel with his burningly sharp pitch-fork! Granted he probably has more pressing matters to get on with – like torturing the souls of the evil – but that doesn’t change the fact breaking-in work boots is bloody painful.

Problem: New work boots HURT

Solution: Apply leather conditioner, stuff boots when not wearing, crush the hardest part of the heel to soften

P.S if you listened to life-changing hack 1 and didn’t skimp; your boots can ‘handle a little mangle’.

Yet another life-changing hack

You’ve bought the best work boots that fit well and you’ve broken them in. Congrats, you’re now on hack no. 3: Tying your boots up correctly.  Yes people, you really do need to re-learn the proper way of tying up laces.

Problem: You’re naïve enough to think you can tie your laces

Solution: Take notes on ‘how to secure your laces in a work boot

You get the point

In case you didn’t – this is another life-changing hack – shock.

Okay, the last hack for work boots that won’t kill your feet is simple, take care of them. It might sound like an effort that you’re too lazy to commit to, but it’ll save your feet a ton of pain in the future.

Problem: You’re lazy with cleaning your work boots

Solution: Clean your damn work boots! Don’t let them dry off in the cupboard or convince yourself that you’ll wipe the mud off in the morning, do it when you take them off.

Hopefully, you’re wise and listen to these life-changing hacks, as simple as they may sound. Your feet will worship you for it. Share this with all your workmates and make sure they take notes!

Or don’t, and let them suffer while your feet are walking on clouds…

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