According to studies, burglary is the most common crime inflicted on businesses throughout the country. In fact, businesses experience more cases of burglary than domestic and residential properties. Thus, business owners must take steps to bolster the security of their premises to minimize the risk. Burglary cases, as well as incidents of related crimes, can have serious repercussions on the day to day operations of the business.

Why Commercial Establishments Are Attractive to Thieves

Burglars prefer to ransack business premises over residential buildings for several reasons. First, the value of assets to be stolen is potentially much higher. Offices in Liverpool Street in general use more expensive computers and software, and usually have high-value electrical/electronic items on-site such as digital cameras, laptops, printers, and other costly devices. Likewise, offices are typically unoccupied at night, on weekends, and during the holidays. On long holidays, some offices are left vacant for a week, putting them at higher risk for break-ins. Chelmsford Locksmiths, Pick and Fix time after time after time see these errors being made, although obvious!

Assessing Potential Access Points

While burglars usually gain entry via windows or doors, they can enter take advantage of skylights and flat roofs, as well as access hatches and adjoining cellars. They can even pass through single skin brick or metal foil walls. Thus, when assessing your security needs, all of these potential entry points must be taken into consideration.

After risk-assessment, and the specific areas that need high security levels are identified, the appropriate measures including security locks and doors must be installed and implemented.

External Windows and Doors for Added Security

There are various external windows and doors appropriate for a wide range of security needs including:

  • High speed doors
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Anti-ram barriers
  • Steel-hinged doors
  • Security grills

Shutters and sliding grills can help protect doors, emergency exits, and windows in most business premises. If the office is occupied, the grills can simply be folded to one side of the window or door.

Service Providers

Companies specializing in doors and shutters usually offer free quotes, site surveys, and advice to make sure that all your security needs are addressed with cost-effective and appropriate solutions. Sometimes, a contract for a fixed-cost maintenance option is offered. This is to make sure that your site security is always functioning at optimum levels, and repairs, if necessary, are done efficiently and promptly.


Securing your windows and doors, coupled with other important security devices like CCTV, alarm systems, and illumination are vital in reducing the risk of theft to your premises. In addition, getting the services of companies that specialize in security doors, shutters and other equipment can ensure proper installation without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect of your property.



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