Creating and maintaining a clean and healthy office environment has many payoffs. It is conducive to good health and positive well-being. An organised office also saves people time and allows them to focus or get on with the important tasks of the day.

Dirty floors, dilapidated chairs, scratched walls, piles of paper and rundown cabinets are visually unappealing. All these things may even contribute to stress and heighten fatigue. On top of these, they may drive away customers.

If you keep the supplies, equipment and furniture in your office organised, clean and in good working condition, you attract more clients and reinforce your brand.

Keep Office Supplies Organised

Having clean and orderly work surroundings can send across a positive message of being `in control.’ Minimize clutter by using storage solutions – for reams of paper, paper clips, pens, and so on. Designate specific areas for office supplies. Out of sight should not mean out of reach, though. Keep departmental supplies in locations where the staff members can easily find them.

Sort, Discard and Clean

It may seem tedious to clean out every nook and cranny of your office. You can accomplish much by attacking your own desk surface and drawers first, then moving to other areas.

Clean cabinets and other storage areas frequently. Managers can set a definite time (even an hour) each day to clean up work areas.

Bring out folders and label them for easy retrieval of documents. Using the principles of 5S (removing unnecessary items, arranging them in a manner in which one can easily find them, cleaning, maintaining orderliness, and standardizing best practices) can lead to greater efficiency.

Make your Office Look Better

If you run your own business or operate a home office, then you have to focus on regularly cleaning areas including windows, floors, walls, ceiling, doors, hallways, entryway or waiting area. You can enlist professional cleaners to help you get the cleaning done, but you can do your part to maintain the cleanliness of your office.

Take a look also at items or furniture pieces that need fixing, repainting or replacement.

Maintain a Garden

Bringing the outdoors in can enhance the look and feel of your office. Some indoor plants add color and interest while also filtering the air. Nice plants, or even small twigs neatly arranged in a vase (for a minimalist touch) may add beauty and also inspire employees. They can also be a welcome sight for customers. Just make sure to hire someone who can help maintain them, and keep the `office garden’ free of overgrowth or weeds. Kings Cuts Tree Surgeons manage office gardens daily and take pride in their work.


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