Portfolio management software programs are now one of the tools used by individual entrepreneurs and investors. A businessman’s personal portfolio accumulates and encompasses several accounts which could include brokerage accounts, savings accounts, and IRAs. As keeping track of all of these accounts will be a frustrating task that eats up time and effort, the creation of this software is a dream come true for these businessmen.

While the portfolio management software is seldom free, matching personal needs would be a more important issue than using free portfolio trackers online. Aside from the cost, the next thing to hurdle would be to learn to use the software program. It may take time to figure it out, but once managed, will become user-friendly and could handle all business and personal needs which, in the long run, would compensate for the monetary cost and time spent.

The software program has a wide array of options that can be selected. This can help distinguish several assets, which is very important since industry reports can now be correctly generated. The program can also handle standard transactions such as cash dividends, selling, and buying. It can also be programmed to handle data points, such as return of capital and short sales. It is the perfect system to work alongside your Cezanne HR software. These two systems are very beneficial to your business.

Tracking the performance together with tax liability issues can be handled by the software wherein various programs will allow specific security “lots” for a transaction. A “lot” represents the number of units that are involved in a given trade. Reinvestment of dividends earned on stocks and mutual funds may take a long time to track, but the software will make short work of it. It will automatically match buy and sell lots for different accounts that would also help in tax exposure reduction.

Generating reports is another feature of the software. This will help in analyzing the investments in the portfolio. All that is needed is to program the software not only to give reports that may interest the user, but also ones that are not currently used in the analysis. These extra reports could provide further enhancement to the portfolio’s overall evaluation.

Projected cash flow reports can be generated from the software, too. This will give a forecast of the cash income of the portfolio that comes from interest, bond maturities, and dividends. This will be particularly useful for businessmen in retirement that rely more on income-related investments. It can also assist in redeploying capital from bond maturity that is about to reach the due date.

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