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Many small businesses face diverse challenges. They must deal not only with fluctuating business cycles but also with important personnel matters. Constant vigilance and planning are necessary to ensure that internal systems are in place, while monitoring day-to-day business operations. It’s also important to note that sufficient capital is necessary for the business to take off and expand. Hence, prudent use of funds is imperative.

Outsourcing certain functions in the organisation – like HR, payroll and Robotic Process Automation — has emerged as a sensible move for most small enterprises. When making outsourcing decisions, company heads usually weigh the added costs that may be incurred vis-à-vis the long-term cost savings that may be obtained. Business owners and managers must also do a careful investigation of the other party before finalising an outsourcing deal. Important things like track record of experience and work quality must be checked.

Among the main benefits of outsourcing Human Resources with companies such as Cezanne HR (specifically recruitment, training, performance appraisals) and Payroll is that it frees up much time on the part of the business owner and existing employees. That time can be spent running and growing the business. Instead of attending to personnel matters and HR concerns (and lots of routine tasks, including paperwork), managers/business owners may also concentrate on finding novel ways to reach out to customers in innovative ways.

It’s very important for small business owners to allot ample time for planning and maintaining competitive edge. It’s common to find many small businesses all over the world floundering and being squashed by the competition. By outsourcing functions like Human Resources, Payroll, and even Marketing, small business operators will be able to devote more time for crucial matters like tracking the firm’s progress and exploring avenues for growth.

By outsourcing, they will also be utilising the specialised skills of the other party that will assume the HR and Payroll functions. By partnering with a reputable firm with cutting-edge business solutions, small business owners will benefit from the HR expertise (including modern software tools) and hands-on payroll administration of that organisation.


There can be huge cost savings since the small enterprise need not hire and train full-time professionals. Hiring salaried HR/payroll professionals will entail other costs like health care, apart from the training cost. By outsourcing, a small enterprise eliminates these costs, along with overhead and equipment costs. The other clear upside is greater efficiency and productivity on the part of existing managers and employees.

Alongside outsourcing is the rising trend of skill-based pay organisations. A skill-based pay structure enables workers to hone whatever existing skills they have, with an eye towards being able to address future requirements. While employees and managers are busy honing skills or using skill-based pay structure, they are in effect learning and bracing the organisation for future growth. Once everything’s in place, companies can either proceed to invest on in-house teams, farm out work to multi-skilled employees, or outsource.

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